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Prayer Beads and Scrupulosity

Poor Loquacious Loquat--always forgotten next to its little sister blog with all the poems on it. Fortunately, today I find myself thinking about Anglican prayer beads, so I have a non-poem-y blog to type up.

Ever heard of scrupulosity? It's a fun little thing we religious people have. Usually, it's a nasty case of MUST DO ALL THE THINGS. Then there's me (at least, probably): I get to be the lucky SOB with the disorder scrupulosity (a subset of OCD). Read up on it here. It sucks. I have to be careful not to go too overboard with my devotions. Of course, there's the danger I'll go too far the other way. When my scrupulosity is at its worst, I want to be St. Francis or St. Elizabeth of Hungary. But attempts to distance myself from religion for sanity's sake often results in me feeling ... inhuman. If I'm not admiring St. Elizabeth and St. Francis, I'm probably ignoring beggars and any number of poor people in this town. When you feel that your kindness is…

Obituary for Hamilton Q. Dog

Hamilton Q. Dog, affectionately referred to as "Hammy", was put down after being incapacitated by a stroke on February 1, 2018. He is survived by his human parents, Chris and Chandler; his kitty, Tuna; two significantly more frightening cats, Owl and Estelle; and his brother-from-another-mother, Bors. He was definitely of dachshund heritage; Chandler and Chris argue over how much pit bull was in him.

Hammy arrived on the scene eight years ago in most striking fashion: Chris, who was working at a prison in the middle of the West Texas desert, met him in the parking lot and patted him on the head. Hammy proceeded to follow Chris and jump in the car when he opened the door. With that, Chris and Chandler had a second dog. The next day, Chris overheard guards talking about how they had planned to shoot "that little black and tan dog" because "he wouldn't survive out here anyway." And the only gun available was a sniper. Modern sensibilities concerning pet…