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With All Reluctance ...

I used to know a really great article on why those "blessing bags" for the homeless were not generally viewed as blessings in their eyes, but alas, the blog it was on went private and I can no longer share it with you. The moral of the story was that if you're not comfortable giving money, just say so. So I'm skeptical of this altruistic practice, which gives me good reason to sit down and make some ... ? It's not without a heapin' helpin' of sighs that I undertake this activity.

Backstory: In April, Chris and I traveled almost entirely by rail from Denton to Columbia for my birthday, which is no small feat in two public transit-averse states. Assisting on the trip was tuna salad in a box: A little tin of tuna or chicken salad, buttery crackers, and a little plastic spoon. Several companies make them, and I've tried all kinds. (Be advised that the salmon salad tastes nothing like salmon, and I haven't tried the ham salad because it kinda sounds we…

Follow Up to "People Hate Christians"

I'm no longer proud of my post about Joel Osteen. As Chris said last night, "He's low-hanging fruit." I admit that he's infinitely easy to throw under the bus, but to do so is equally as un-Christian as what he did, if not more so. Jesus, the man I worship as God, didn't just say the parable I put in that post--He also said, "Judge not lest ye be judged." Luke 17:7-10 has caused a great deal of grief in my life, especially while I was Orthodox and didn't think I could take pride or joy in any of the good things I did. It was wrong of me to subject another person to that message, it was wrong of me to judge, and it's still wrong of me to do as little as I've done for the people on the coast of my own state. 
Please forgive me. Sometimes I really don't know what I do.