People Hate Christians

With good reason, thanks to Joel Osteen, making us all look bad in one fell swoop. Perhaps you haven't been paying attention, but there's a massive hurricane that did massive damage to the Texas coast. Both Chris and I have family there. Houston is at the epicenter because it's poorly drained (Chris, Gulf Coast brat, tells me it floods after the lightest of sprinkles there), and SOMEONE has a 16,000+ capacity church there. And this person has declined to turn said church (formerly a frickin' basketball arena) into a shelter. Cue booing and rotten vegetables. 

I anticipate a need of an unusual sort: Should someone austensibly Christian attempt to defend this patently un-Christian behavior by saying that no one would've praised Osteen if he had opened up the church, you have my permission to quote little-known parable Luke 17:7-10. Here, I'll even put it right here for you for your convenience! 

And it's even in red, so you know it's serious. 


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