Thursday, August 17, 2017

Welcome to Waco!

After getting a great house with a great neighbor and thinking I'd never leave the beautiful burg of Denton ever again, I find myself in a townhouse a few blocks from Baylor University in the burg of Waco. I've told people that I really never thought I'd move here, not even long enough to think, "Naw." Strangely, here I am in a whole new part of Texas (Central Texas as opposed to North Texas), and I'm just as close to my parents' new home in Fort Worth as I was in Denton. So there was no major loss after my parents finally decided to retire and move back to Texas. Weird how that works out.

What happened was that Chris hated his job. It was making him depressed, his boss sucked, all of it. So he went looking for jobs still in corrections-medical, and now we live in Prison Central! No prisons in Waco-proper, but the little towns nearby are teeming with them. So, yeah--34 years old and beginning again. When you don't have kids, it's like your twenties go on forever (except that your knees hurt like hell).

I continue the noble business of being disabled, keeping the dogs in line, and writing. The dogs force me to get out in the open to walk them twice a day, our townhouse is tremendous (I'm getting used to having stairs again), and the local NPR station is WKBU. We may be the only non-students in the vicinity, but it doesn't matter to me. I'm looking forward to getting a library card so I can stop paying for books--I've been checking the Waco Library's page to see if it has the books I want for a few months now. That's kinda pathetic, but then again so am I.

In other news, please note that the poetry blog is back online. I used up all my buffer in the time it was down, so I'll rush to get some poems up. Then--Patreon? Throw money at me? It's easier than waiting to get published, that's for sure.

Farewell for now, gentle readers, from Waco, TX.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Welcome to My Protestant Blog

I killed just under 400 posts because I didn't want all the Orthodox stuff on here. It's my prerogative.

What's left is interesting. I have to label Chris's posts about vacations we've been on (his sole contribution to the Loquat), and there are fun hikes we used to do before I got sciatica, and there's the time the world's greatest cat died. That's about all I kept on this here blog. I wanted to archive it and move to a different platform, but I've discovered that I'm getting old and that technology befuddles me. In other words, so much for Medium.

The Loquat may be the only blog left on Blogger at this point, but I'm essentially only talking to my parents, so that's okay.