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For Such a Time as That: Post-Fast Thoughts

First off, I blew it. On the last day. I couldn't resist fried chicken and one of those Midnight Mocha fraps from Starbucks--you know, the kind that's like a minty Oreo with caffeine ... so much caffeine. Didn't sleep well that night, but it wasn't my conscience. Chris would later inform me that those little buggers have like three shots of espresso in them. Oopsy-daisy.

And much to my dismay (caused by romanticizing the process), I'm swimming in leftovers. Wouldn't it have been great to feel my blood sugar plummet now that we were out of bean soup and bread? To have swooned over my lack of food? Yeah, it didn't happen. But what good would have come of it anyway? "Yeah, I feel your pain. I once ate only soup and bread for three days, and it ran out. So I totally feel empathy with your desperation and embarrassment at having to turn to church food pantries just to make it to the end of the month."

Yeah, I feel like a dumbass. On Facebook, my mom ca…

For Such a Time as This

Since leaving Orthodoxy, I'm not really that big on fasts. As a result of Orthodoxy, I'm not big on fasts that seem to set out to change God's mind. Yet, here I find myself: bean soup in the fridge and bread in the bread machine. And it all has to last two people for three days.

You can read about the "For Such a Time as This" fast that Bread for the World has called for in greater detail on their own webpage--I'd just be rehashing the same stuff--but I did want to blab on about my take on it and maybe encourage others to do it now and in the future. The first fast is three days (a la Esther) to prepare us for the major work of advocating against cuts to safety net programs. Subsequent fasts will take place (for one day) each 21st of the month--the day when 90% of SNAP benefits run out. When I heard about it, I put my thinking cap on and decided on some things:

I cannot go without food for three days voluntarily. That's madness. I can eat a limited amount

Well Done, Denton.

And France! No fascism for France! Well done indeed!

Anyway, Denton barely voted in favor of the tax freeze for the elderly and disabled.

I clearly don't get out enough because there were NO TAX FREEZE!!! signs all over our neighborhood. But, then again, we're just a bunch of scrooges in this area of Denton. No heart. Sad!

(Boy, I'm suddenly hoping the newspaper doesn't come down on me for this screen cap of the results. Have mercy! No one reads this blog anyway!)

Good triumphing over evil everywhere!