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Political Musing

I'm at my parents' house in Missouri, writing a blog on my phone. Things must be serious. And they are! After all, my little burg of Denton, TX, is contemplating the lucrativeness of the elderly and disabled. See for yourself from this article from the North Texas Daily:
As a champion (debatable) of the poor, I simply must weigh in. I first became aware of this when I saw either on Facebook or Twitter: SHOULD THE YOUNG HAVE TO PICK UP THE SLACK SO THE ELDERLY CAN HAVE A TAX BREAK?!? 
In a word: Yes. And while we're at it, can we not discuss how many millions of dollars we'd be losing if gave our most vulnerable citizens a break, Family Values State of Texas? Wait, we do still believe in family values, right? So, we get find out on May 6 if we serve God or mammon. Find your polling place here:
Is it okay to be upset about this--that so…