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So here's what I've been doing with my day.

I bucked the BBC as my main source of news a few years ago and switched to Al Jazeera, and they've been reporting on what's happening in Aleppo A LOT. Stumped by what I can do that will help the situation and more than a little tired of pleas for donations that I know won't get there in time, I did something I've gotten quite good at doing: writing letters to my representatives.

Here. Copy it. I don't care. Send it to everyone. Just do your part to make this not end in genocide.

I have been reading the news about the recent events in Syria and eastern Aleppo specifically, and I have become quite concerned with what is going on. What I read describes what can only be described as genocide: double-tap bombing (bombing one area, waiting for civilians to come help those in the rubble, and then bombing again), civilians being gunned down as they run to safety, systematic rape, and more horrible things. I have read of women being killed or committing suicide to avoid gett…