There's a New Blog in Town

I've been writing poetry for several months now. They have a pretty common social justice theme, and that makes me want to get them out there for all the world to see and fret over and change the world, etc. Just one problem ...


I have one poem in literary limbo (I may just withdraw it because I'm tired of waiting), and all the rest have been rejects. There was a tweet I read about how, out of 500+ submissions, this person had been published 19 times. NINETEEN. Not good odds. Oh, but the fame! The exposure! The submission prizes! How about the submission fees? And the only place I've looked at paying for poetry is giving you a whopping $15 per poem. Yay. Meanwhile, the great Warsan Shire is lighting up the world (seen Lemonade?) publishing on Tumblr. Hmm. In fact, I've heard that the best young poets are showing their stuff mostly on Tumblr and Twitter. I myself have put out a few poems on Twitter (I like those brief poems). #micropoetry is a thing--often, quite a stupendous thing.

Chris suggested that I give the lit mags a miss and go solo. My initial response was that someone would steal my stuff, but with a little internet sleuthery Chris found that anything stuck on a blog (or Twitter, or Tumblr, or whatever) is automatically copyrighted. And I did want this stuff in readers hands (or rather, on their blinding blue-screens) while it was relevant. So I am giving the lit mags a miss: Meet Loquacious Loquat - The Poems.

FYI: The only poem up right now is one I wrote on Twitter. There are two others somewhere in the depths of my TL--I'll put them on Loquat Poems as I dig them up.