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Eulogy for Ma

I'm finally getting my eulogy for my grandmother up on the blog, complete with the quote from the book Holy Simplicity: The Little Way of Mother Teresa, Dorothy Day & Therese of Lisieux by Joel Schorn. Big thanks to those who laughed at my jokes. 
I hate to start this little speech by throwing my dad under the bus, but one of the first things he said when he and my aunt met up at my house was that Ma’s obituary was not going to be as long as her husband’s was. My hackles went up because I erroneously construed this to mean that my grandmother was somehow less “important”, to use a worldly term. This stayed on my mind for the rest of the evening, with thoughts coming from all directions to flesh this out. Eventually, I remembered something from a book I’d been reading about the Catholic Saint Therese of Lisieux (and I only just found out that Ma was Catholic herself for a time, so it turned out to be deliciously appropriate):  When Saint Therese lay sick and dying, she overhe…