What the Hell is this Blog?

I've been asking myself that question lately. A religion blog? A political activism blog? Perhaps, just a blog about voraciously knitting. All that and more! But not much more ... I'm not around here often anymore.

I wander the house now, clad in my jim-jams and a hooded cardigan, thinking differently about my glasses. You see, I read in N.T. Wright book that a "Christian worldview" isn't forcing your religion on others via a political system, but rather the lenses through which you see the world. That means something to someone so desperately blind as me without my glasses on. I think about that a lot now, so there's only one conclusion ...


I see everything--my political activism (such as it is), my psychology, even my knitting--as one of many Christian acts. Often I see myself failing in the Christian realm. Believe me, I really suck at being a Christian. I told Chris just yesterday that sometimes I want to give up and just be a secular humanist because good works in the Christian world seem to come attached with ulterior motives. Thing is, though, I kinda like Jesus. And I kinda think He's God. Little complications.

So welcome, for the billionth time, to my Christian Spectacles. I'll try to blog more often.


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