Working on It

Well, this week I have an ophthalmologist appointment to deal with my terribly screwed-up eyes. I usually don't have medicine problems, but a 1 mg dose of Cogentin has ruined my vision! I got it because I was shaking so badly thanks to Trilafon, and the shaking did stop. But it's been a while before I could see what I was reading and writing. So things are getting a little better ... except for the excruciating pain in my eyeballs whenever I wake up. I'd really like to keep my eyes, so pray this is a minor fix.

Our weekly traditions continue on, and at Friday dinner, Chris said, "This is my favorite meal of the week." I was surprised and happy that an idea I'd commandeered was worth it! Sabbath still continues, but I'm get lax about my phone. I woke up Saturday with 18 emails. (Something must be done!) I ended up just sitting on the couch for a while and listening to Johnny Cash read the New Testament. Doesn't suck to just sit and listen.

All our meals seem to end with tangerines. Not a bad way, but I'm ready to branch out and eat fruit at more times than just Friday and Sabbath dinners.

Okay, I've really got nothing to write about except that my eyes have gotten less cloudy and I can sort of see again. Left eye's okay, but right eye seems to have lost some acuity. I may also need bifocals (colonoscopy at age 30, bifocals at 31--am I prematurely aging?).