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Working on It

Well, this week I have an ophthalmologist appointment to deal with my terribly screwed-up eyes. I usually don't have medicine problems, but a 1 mg dose of Cogentin has ruined my vision! I got it because I was shaking so badly thanks to Trilafon, and the shaking did stop. But it's been a while before I could see what I was reading and writing. So things are getting a little better ... except for the excruciating pain in my eyeballs whenever I wake up. I'd really like to keep my eyes, so pray this is a minor fix.

Our weekly traditions continue on, and at Friday dinner, Chris said, "This is my favorite meal of the week." I was surprised and happy that an idea I'd commandeered was worth it! Sabbath still continues, but I'm get lax about my phone. I woke up Saturday with 18 emails. (Something must be done!) I ended up just sitting on the couch for a while and listening to Johnny Cash read the New Testament. Doesn't suck to just sit and listen.

All our meal…

Joyous Easter!