Monday, March 2, 2015

Prescription: Get Out of the House!!

I'm going to try to gently interweave our second Sabbath experience with my psychiatrist appointment today, but forgive me if I fall short.

I apparently don't get out enough. My psychiatric nurse practitioner does not see staying in for months on end as a good thing. It's not like I don't try. Saturday was both Sabbath and an Ember Day (although I'm not sure many Episcopalians knew that). It was also my bebe niece's first birthday party. It was also viciously snowy. I was also withdrawing from Neurontin, making the morning of Sabbath sheer hell. So Chris, fully awake for the first Sabbath experience, made the trip to the drugstore to get me my prescription. Here's a brief summary of his report after he returned:

Snow + Roads = Possible Totaled Car and/or Instant Death

So, alas, I can still only say that I haven't seen my niece since she was two weeks old. Sorry, num-num. Tia Chandler still loves you. 

Lots of lovely Sabbath resting went on, and I finally awoke from my second nap with my Neurontin in full swing and me no longer withdrawing. Between naps on the couch, much reading went on as well: Apparently, everyone thought the Jews were lazy for taking a whole day off of work. How times change, huh? What would the ancient Greeks think of this whole weekend nonsense? Except for my prescription and some pre-sliced ham and cheese, nothing was bought: We ate in (Chris makes a mean grilled cheese, by the way), we avoided going out in the cold, we did the entire Daily Office, and we ended the day with a brutal game of checkers. Pretty good, and next week it's back to me being by myself while Chris observes the Sabbath by being a day-sleeper. 

I don't really start Sabbath until midnight Friday night. Then I put my phone on airplane mode and turn on some hymns for sleeping to. Unless I happen to be awake during the eleven o'clock hour, I cannot comment on Namesake or even look at its Saturday page (not that it matters--I get the Patreon preview anyway). We break the Sabbath Sunday morning, preferably by going to church and taking Communion. Alas, only Chris got to church this weekend, so I read morning prayer by myself. Then I broke the Sabbath with the horrible realization that I'd gotten 32 emails the day before (the week before it was only 20). I'm now on a mission to whittle down how many emails I get in a day. 

Then today: Monday. Texas Independence Day. Shrink Day. The weather was fine, so there was no postponing it, not that I wanted to. My NP wanted me to track my moods on an app (pretty neato that those things exist, no?), and the end result was the discovery that I am a depressed mess. Changes were made to my medicine routine, we talked about the Marfa Lights (which I've totally seen, by the way), and the suggestion was made that I make myself get out of the house at least once a week. The phrase "fake it till you make it" was used. So I'm pouring over the church bulletin for this week. I've already missed the meeting of Crafty Hearts, the knitting/crochet/sewing/quilting/cross-stitch/whatever the hell you want group thanks to the time of my shrink appointment. I may try to go to Eucharist tomorrow while Chris sleeps. Wednesday holds the prospect of evening prayer, Eucharist, and a brown bag dinner with book study ... Wednesday also holds the prospect of more snow, so we'll see how that goes. 

So I'll try to get out more. I'm lonely anyway. But I think I'll still stay in on Sabbath days. 

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