Hungry Friday #3

Chris is asleep, so it's my job to bake this week's bread. Soon enough, the sweet smell of the brown sugar cinnamon mix I got will be wafting through the house, making everyone happy. Today I'm using our double loaf pan in the bread machine, and we'll give one of the two loaves away to a neighbor. After all, this is the prayer we pray every Friday and Saturday night:
Bless, O Lord,
this food we are about to eat,
and we pray you, O God,
that it may be good for our body and soul
and if there is any poor creature
hungry or thirsty walking the road
may God send them in to us
so that we can share the food with them,
just as Christ shares His gifts with all of us. 
(H/T to Celtic Daily Prayer.)

But until fruit and bread is served, we fast. Not too hard for Chris today, since he got off work at 7AM and is now getting his hard-earned sleep.

Chris likes the rituals we've created for our itsy-bitsy family. He feels that fasting is necessary for us simply because Jesus said it was. As for me, with my plethora of illnesses, I feel like this is a fast I can do. I admit to drinking Starbucks this morning, but my pills create such an acidic environment in my gut that I have to eat or drink just a little bit of something substantial to keep from getting wildly sick. Chris also likes Sabbath because he doesn't think about work, he doesn't think about school, and all he has to do is to catch up with the books he doesn't have time for any other day of the week.

I like these rituals too. Every other Friday, I have to become coherent enough to put a bread mix in the machine and set it to work. That's a big deal for someone who's frequently too tired to move. It does make me feel a touch valuable when I don't do too much in the house (the Roomba does all the heavy work). When I'm done here, I'll probably pick up some stuff strewn about the living room. In the evening, I'll light the candles, say the Shabbat prayer above (since I'm the lady of the house), and Chris and I will talk. There's something about just having bread and fruit and cheese that makes you want to linger at the table--a fancier dish would require more attention on the food.

I wonder if I'm doing Sabbath in the spirit for which it was created. Yes, it was created for a sort of holy rest, but I'm setting up so many rules around it that I wonder if I've missed the point entirely. I like that we do the whole daily office together on Saturdays when Chris doesn't work and at least part of it when he does work. I still think laundry and dishwashing should be avoided. My ideal Sabbath is enjoying simple meals together while chatting and sitting on the couch reading books. Oh, and the blessed Sabbath nap. Can't forget that. Then Sunday comes (and I hopefully won't have pinkeye) so we can go to church and break Sabbath.

Does all this seem weird? Even I'm not 100% sure why we're doing this. But it's working, somehow. Anyway, gut Shabbos and Hungry Friday to all!