My New Pinterest Board

This has been a lousy week, but I'm getting over it. I wish I were at church today, but I decided in advance not to go when I probably could've. Chris and I will go on Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, the Roomba is running all over the living room and kitchen so I don't have to do any work, and I'm tempted to join the dog lying in the sunshine.

But first ...

Check this out! Hats for Homeless. It's my new Pinterest board. :)

When I started knitting on the looms, I had no idea what to do to with all the hats I wanted to make. I had no clue that in a few years I'd be hoarding huge amounts of yarn in various places around the house: the garage, the guest room ... oh my gosh, the poor guest room!
The fate of all knitters.
And over the years of knitting for the homeless, I've become quite the expert in what kinds of yarn to use after extensive online research. (Acrylic is best, but all that yarn hoarding has resulted in a treasure trove of wool. Oops.) I still get embarrassed that I don't do "real" knitting; but I've tried that, and I can just get a better, more even stitch on the looms. For the hats, I just do a quick loop-around, meaning I can get a hat done in a day or so. I can do actual knit and purl on scarves and prayer shawls. But it's time to think bigger: Enter Hats for Homeless. 

I plan to have that board be devoted to two things: 1) easy things that can be done craftily, and 2) my learning of the art of crochet. To make more hats, of course. I worry about my precious metal hooks (for the looms) being taken from me at airport security, so I've got some rather large, plastic crochet hooks that I want to be able to use on a plane to pass the time. (Idly reading and pretending to be asleep just aren't working for me.) I'll get some basic sewing stuff up there eventually (probably after I hit "publish" on this post), but if any gentle reader has a suggestion for things to pin, send me a link, by all means! 

Don't be surprised if the board is named "Purl of Great Price" by the time you see it. I'm rather hyped up. Anyway, get crafting! You could save a life this winter!