Monday, January 5, 2015

I Resolve to Eat Better

This does not mean what you think it does.

Sure, it's January 5th (Twelfth Night!) and making resolutions should be long over (in fact, they should already be forgotten by now, shouldn't they?), but I decided to make one last night while pouring over the King Arthur Flour catalog. Now, King Arthur Flour has been plaguing me since I went gluten-free: Sure, they have gluten-free foods, but that's not what I'm looking at. But since the revelation that I don't have celiac disease came through, I've been eating some pretty crappy wheat products. But the time for crap is over!

"Ho, boy!" I cried. "Bring me Mark Bittman this instant!"

At this, Chris rolled his eyes and fetched How to Cook Everything: The Basics. That poor cookbook: It's covered in espresso and flour and kitcheny things I can't even imagine. It's not perfect, but it's damn close. No cookbook in our collection gets more mileage than that one. Anyway, I turned to the bread section and selected the no-knead bread recipe for my return to delicious, delicious wheat flour.

"I figure I can do this one of two ways," I said to my husband, "I can either eat whole wheat flour, or I can eat less white flour." (Sadly, I still must consider that my insulin is scary-high and Chris takes metformin.)

"I like the latter," he replied, pointing to the end of his nose.

So we're going to cook more, and we're not going to cook crap. If it calls for a whole stick of butter, throw that baby in--better that than Smart Balance. Soy milk, out; real milk, in. Recipes for kale that might involve me starting a kitchen fire? Done. We'll keep the extinguisher handy.

So yeah, eating better means eating tastier, Mark Bittman-ier foods. It does not mean lettuce ... unless that lettuce is covered in high-quality olive oil and the maple vinegar I found on Etsy.

This has an unintended consequence that my food allergy friends will love:


I'll let everyone know when I've gathered together my gluten-free-or-whatever foods, and you can come to my house and take what you need/want. One lucky winner will get the 5 lbs bag of almond flour. So stay tuned.

Anyway, it's 4:00AM ... back to drinking coffee and looking at Midcentury Modern diagrams of squids. Ta ta!

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