Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Retweet THIS

Dear Twitter,

I am the person tweeting anonymously as @OrthodoxRequest. Over a week ago, I tweeted this:

Harmless, right? Oh no. 
Suddenly, I'm caught up in the middle of a debate on where icons belong in the house. Should they not be in the bedroom because we have sex there? Should they not be in the bathroom because apparently we do worse things than sex there? You've been debating this all day! Good gravy!

I'm an Orthodox idiot and I know it, but I learned one thing early: Icons are windows into heaven, but this does not work in reverse. Saints aren't staring at everything you do through your icons. The saints don't care if you have sex (God made that) or if you're pooping (God made that, too). Either stop this stupid, idolatrous nonsense; or delete my handle from your debate. You're pissing me off, and I have better things to do.

I just want to post prayer requests and pictures or music that makes me smile, so leave me out of this garbage. Your salvation does not depend on where your icons are in your house. I hate how nitpicky Orthodox Christians can be--sometimes it feels like enough to drive me away from the Church. Read Matthew 25 and focus on what you should really be doing with your time.

Jiminy Christmas.


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Anonymous said...

well said. I 100 percent agree with you .