Monday, June 30, 2014

Oh, I Actually DO Have Something to Blog About

Idaho 2014! Duh!

Partnered with my crafty loom knitters, I'm making scarves and hats to fill up this monstrous Amazon Prime box. I apologize for not knowing how to really knit. Or crochet. But if it's getting hats done for the homeless at a moderate pace, I'm not going to complain.

The problem I've run into is where to send them. I had a lovely shelter picked out, but one day it's website went down. Hmm. A little research revealed that they were reaping the rewards (dubious ones) of an embezzlement scandal that took place a few years ago. Even though they were open about it, the state is essentially taking their license away. Nice, huh? So I'm in the market for a new shelter. I think I've found a place in the Idaho panhandle--It's named for St. Vincent DePaul, my favorite Catholic saint--so I'm hopeful that when we contact them about the hats and stuff they'll want them.

Are you knitting for the homeless? You should be, especially after last winter (which was still going on this month, by the way). This looks easy:

Happy knitting!

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