Thursday, May 8, 2014

So I'm Brainwashed.

I got through the fat acceptance book Two Whole Cakes and decided that the only legitimate reason to go on a diet was for ethical reasons. And I admit to totally being brainwashed by the fat acceptance community. Do I think you can be healthy at any size? Yep. Do I think fat people should be paid less because of their weight? Nope. It's really that simple to me.

I was on a diet for a while not too long ago. Not shockingly, I didn't lose weight, although it's hard to tell when you're on a Yay! Scale instead of a standard scale. (I always registered as Beautiful, so I was never in a bad mood.) My calories were restricted to 1800 a day (which is actually hard to meet during Lent), and I was "rewarded" more food if I exercised. Seriously, I hate that. I finally came to my senses and turned back to Health at Every Size, and no, I didn't eat with abandon, I just ate like a normal person and felt fine.

Then came the ethical problems.

I'd always figured it was okay to eat meat after my brief stint as a vegan if the meat wasn't tortured, but we weren't eating that way. No trips to farms where they slaughter their own animals, no humane milk (although dairy triggers my IBS, so it was out anyway). So I took a leap, downloaded the Oh She Glows cookbook to the shared Kindle, and set out to become a vegan again.

My main problems with being vegan involved the acerbic opinions of other vegans, but I find that I'm actually pretty good at avoiding other people! Anyway, I'm 31 now and don't have time to be a raging activist--that's for 20-somethings in my mind. I shan't annoy you. My diet won't be more important than my religion (a rule I broke last time). This may be the only time I mention it. Thing is, I haven't blogged in months, so I needed something to write about!

Onward and upward. Toodle-loo, comrades.

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LSB said...

Onward, etc. Love you!