Monday, March 24, 2014

No-Waste Lent

Before Great Lent began, I snuggled down by the glow of the computer and watched A Place at the Table. It had a profound effect on me, resulting in the Lenten challenge I'm currently failing at: No-Waste Lent. Now that my niece has been born, my parents are in and out of my house (to give my brother and SIL some peace). End result? Non-fasting foods being left in my refrigerator. Some thoughts:

  • The leftover sammich from Arby's was delicious. 
  • Cheese seems to be most likely to make it into a meal. 
  • I will now only buy kale on the day I plan to use it. 
  • I did not feel bad about wasting the Velveeta. That ain't food. 
  • Veggies should be subsidized, not Pringles (or whatever). 
  • Go ahead: Ask me about all the produce I've tossed out. 
  • Tortillas as dry as Death Valley can be toasted. Instant tostadas. 
  • Next time, get a 1/4 bushel of citrus instead of a 1/2 bushel. 
  • So far, I dig this book
Currently cooking is some brown rice and wrinkly tomatoes in the rice cooker. When that's done cooking, I'll stir in the cream cheese from yesterday's bagel run. 

Let's see how badly I do in the back-half of Lent! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Rise of Star Beast

After the birth of my niece (yay!), I found myself questioning how we deal with our pets at one o' clock in the morning. Chris had just come to bed, and I guess I was a little insane, because I suddenly felt weird about being called "Mommy" and "Daddy". Examples:
"Come to Mommy, doggies!"
"Go to Daddy!"
"Who loves he mama?"
My brother and sister-in-law were Mommy and Daddy, not me. So, a weird insanity still plaguing my mind, I scrolled through the 1 AM Facebook offerings and settled on the perfect name for myself.

Star Beast.

Star Beast was almost the name of the movie Alien, apparently. It immediately jumped out at me as being hopelessly silly, so I took it.

Chris doesn't have the same hangups I do, so he hasn't settled on a name (if he ever will). Hipster Hadrian was soundly rejected. I'll update if he ever chooses something.

"Who loves he Star Beast?"