Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Post-Colonoscopy Blogging

Apparently everything looks good on that front, by the way. Healthy colon. We'll see what's next in the follow-up appointment.

I read a good article today: When Christians Love Theology More Than People. It got me thinking about another article from forever ago that caused me a touch of consternation over the weekend. Long story: We bought a piece of art from our favorite gallery, and there had been a story in the Dallas Observer about the artist. They had extra copies, so they gave us one. But up at the tippy-top in tiny letters was something about Creationists losing their foothold in the education debate. I don't like having opinions on education because I don't have kids, but as Chris pointed out, "Do you care about the future of humanity?" (It's a good point, but that didn't stop me from responding, "Eh, I'll be dead by then.")

So here's my opinion: Teach evolution in schools. It's the prevailing theory of the day, and it only precludes God if you're small-minded. "Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare, if thou hast understanding" (Job 38:4). But there's always been something more important on my mind when it comes to the evolution/creation debate. I swear I did a blog post on it a few years ago in bold, italics, all caps, and super-sized font, but the Loquat's search engine isn't finding it. So I'll do again, only nicer. Well, a little nicer. 

Fellow humans--Christians, secular humanists, whatever--while you're slapping "Evolution is Just a Theory" stickers on textbooks or having heated debates about evolution and both of you think the other is just a stupid idiot for his/her beliefs, there are people starving in the world. Hell, there are people who are starving in your community, no matter where you are. There are people living in cardboard boxes on the streets. There are people who have no access to potable water. There are children dying of any number of preventable diseases. There are people wasting away in nursing homes with next-to-no stimulation (and if you play an instrument, there's simply no excuse for that!). There are people who lived through war, sexual assault, any number of terrible things. There are suicidal people. There are people with mental illnesses that don't have a support network like I do. So you're going to waste everyone's time by debating something that happened billions of years ago/4000 years ago/10,000 years ago/however old you believe the earth is?! SERIOUSLY? (Oops, there I go with the all-caps.) All of you read chapter 25 of Matthew and get out there and do some good! I, a spry young 30-year-old, was wheeled out of the hospital by a volunteer who had to have been in her 80's. If she can do good, if I can do something as minuscule as knit hats for the homeless (which I don't think is that big a deal, no matter what my husband says), you can do something too. 

And that's my opinion on the evolution-creation debate, and that's my input towards the "love people more than theology" topic. I'll shut up now and go poke my dogs in the ribs with chopsticks. 

Update: I found the ranting post. It was about Chik-fil-A, not evolution. You can read it here

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