Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hunger & Plenty

Remember the time of hunger in the time of plenty,
And poverty and need in the days of wealth. 
- Wisdom of Sirach 18:24

Chris got a job! Yay! He works for the county jail! Yay! That means he isn't affected by the stupid government shutdown! Yay!

I guess that's why that quote from the Wisdom of Sirach struck me when I happened upon it this morning. I'm still working my way backwards through the Old Testament and discovered after reading the Psalms that I missed a huge chunk of the Orthodox Bible. Oops. I don't know if what I quoted means to can your tomatoes or if it means remember those going through bad times while you're going through good, but the latter is how I take it. Chris and I have finally reached good times, but I'm sad about the people who are on "indefinite, unpaid vacation"--aka, furlough.

Here's a helpful resource: WIC and Shutdown: Where to get baby food and formula. The shutdown of WIC is what annoys me the most. Low-income babies without their meals? That ain't right. Apparently Texas is good through the month, but then it's up in the air. In the meantime, donate diapers and formula and stuff to local food pantries, 'kay? And in the spirit of How to Knit for the Homeless, skew large in the diaper department.

Speaking of knitting for the homeless, this year's work is almost complete. I've got all of one scarf (they're time-consuming, okay?) and 20 hats (woohoo!), and now it's time to pack away the knitting, get out the sewing machine, and make mittens. And my sewing instructions for the pattern have gone missing, so I really can't wait to be winging that!

Pray, lend a hand, and sit back and watch with joy as WWII veterans break into their own memorial. :)

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