Saturday, October 19, 2013

Christmas is Here

I know it's mid-October, but I got confirmation in the mail two days ago. A massive envelope arrived from World Vision with goodies to fill out for my sponsored children: three Christmas themed, one lighthouse themed (because she is, presumably, Hindu, and mentioning Christ would endanger their work there). I also got warning that Christmas was here when my mother began clamoring for my wish list. So here it is:

  • Gift certificates to Modest Needs - This website is my new obsession. Believe me when I say it's a good thing--a very good thing. It's like micro-finance for Americans who are in stuck situations and need one-time help. :)
  • Money in my name to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline - I've heard of too many suicides lately, and you know this is near and dear to my heart on account of my frequent suicidal ideations. A depressing present to be sure, but I'll happy-cry if you give. 
  • A Knitter's Basket from Heifer International - Or a share of one--the price is pretty hefty. 
  • Speaking of knitting, YARN! - Next year's hats for the homeless aren't going to knit themselves! I need bulky weight, acrylic yarn in dark, solid colors for my purposes--at least 2 balls and preferably in even increments. I like Webs and KnitPicks. I also take gift certificates. 
  • This book - For those who want to get me something tangible. 
  • 24 cans of lychees - Okay, I'm being facetious with this one, but I wouldn't hate you if you actually did get this for me!
  • Cardigans - My ideal wardrobe right now is a magical one that leads to Narnia, but barring that I'd like t-shirts to wear all summer and cardigans to wear over them in the colder months. Simplify, simplify. I wear a 2X. Yeah, I'm fat. Sue me. 
For those who think they've found a real nice treat, DO NOT GET US THE COMPLETE CALVIN AND HOBBES! Chris already sprung for that. 

There I go again, selfishly asking for gifts. But it's the question everyone wants answered, so you can think I'm rude if you want. Oh, and Chris has an Amazon wish list with about 45 things on it, so ask him about that if you want to know what he wants. 

Toodle-loo, comrades. 

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