Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ask Me How My Vacation Went

I'm sick.

And I don't just mean sick in the head (a rather crude way of putting "mentally interesting") but rather just plain sick.

There were several days on our vacation that I didn't get meals because I was in bed. One day I slept 18 hours. I had my signature mini panic attacks every time we talked about going to Longhorn Cavern. I had no energy. So upon arrival back home, I decided it was time to institute some changes.

I was vaguely aware of a book called Trust Your Intuition (look it up--it's a whopping $3 on Kindle), so I ordered it. It's about women, usually Mama Bears, who took it upon themselves to look into alternative medicine to help themselves or their family. So much of the book is about treating kids, and what do I need to know about natural childbirth? Still, there was much to glean. (Apparently citrus oil on the back of the neck helps with mood problems! Not that I'm quitting Prozac.)

It's time for "clean eating": good, simple foods; and for me in particular, no dairy or gluten and a massive reduction in sugar. A lot of the women in the book tout real food, a method of eating that involves massive consumption of cows and fat (my description should tell you how I feel about that). I've been down that path, and it's just too meaty for me--and when one real foodist says that vegetables are just a vehicle for more butter, I get suspicious. And I'm not giving up grains because that's a little freaky, and I'm not giving up beans because St. John of Rila ate them, and if they're good enough for a saint then they're good enough for me. I have a bread machine on the way (it was Chris's idea to get a new one instead of a thrift store purchase because, well, new ones come with instruction manuals) and a pack of Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Wonderful Bread Mix, made primarily of beans.

But clean eating means cooking. There's only one restaurant in town that I trust to have simple food--Mr. Chopsticks--and I'll go mad if I eat there all the time. So far, so good thanks to the help of frozen veggies I've had hiding in the freezer for some time. And now that Chris is back working, I'll have plenty of time to work on whatever weird creations tickle my fancy. Yesterday it was a flatbread made almost entirely of beans with sundried tomatoes and Italian seasoning. It's great.

So if you're mildly interested, I'll keep you updated on my holistic experience.

I think I need to reinstitute teatime.

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