Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bad Dreams

I just awoke from a dream about my biggest enemy. You remember the one: the girl who lambasted me on Twitter because I'm pro-life. I can't seem to let it go. In the dream she wouldn't give me a Christmas present, so I stuffed her in a bag and threw her down the stairs. Yes, very Christian and charitable of me. Then I had to explain what was happening to other high school friends far more liberal than I. I just love dreams like that. They really make sleeping fun.

Here's the pro-life stance that my old friend never bothered to find out: If you think abortion is going to be illegal someday soon, you're delusional. My take is that it's better to reduce the numbers of abortions rather than try to eliminate abortion altogether because the latter simply won't happen. My husband's cousins run a crisis pregnancy center in rural East Texas (East Texas Pregnancy Help Center) that doesn't just get you to swear not to have an abortion and hand you a Bible. They teach classes that help you deal with the situation of having a young child--I recall a class on how to cook the foods you can get with WIC. Places like these are going to do more to help curb abortions than blithely voting Republican and leaving it in the hands of people who may not actually be pro-life. (Remember the pro-family politician who tried to give his mistress money to have an abortion? Yeah, so do I.)

I'm not pro-life and trying to take away women's choice. I'm pro-life and trying to help women make the better choice.

As for my old friend, she'll never know my slightly complex thoughts (unless she is indeed cyber stalking me). When I pray for her (which I had to do right after the dream), I'm praying more for myself to love her. The fallen human in me thinks, "She really was always a lousy friend"; the Christian in me thinks, "That doesn't matter." And I may come off as pretentious and stupid for being a Christian, but I don't much care. Anyone who thinks that is actually just doing me a favor.

But if you're so petty and childish as to break off a friendship because someone doesn't agree with you politically, I don't want you for a friend either.

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