Sunday, June 9, 2013

Best Search Terms Ever

A few days ago, Chris was doing one of his favorite things and reading the Loquat's blog stats to me. He got to the terms people searched that got them to the Loquat, and read what has to be the best search   ever:
Is loquacious an illness?
It really depends on how imaginative you are, gentle reader. If you consider excessive talkativeness an illness, then yes. Regardless, I love your search so much that I raise a hearty gluten-free cider to you and say in the classic German way, "Prost!"

Have a great Sunday, gentle readers.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy 9th Anniversary!

A happy wedding anniversary to Chris, the Martellus "Tweedle" von Blitzengaard to my Agatha Heterodyne!

Fun fact: These are the actual words with which Chris proposed to me. 
No, wait ... that's not right. Let me try again.

A happy wedding anniversary to Chris, the Tarvek Sturmvoraus to my Agatha Heterodyne!

So much nicer. Ignore the slime.
Another fun fact: The ninth anniversary is the "Girl Genius" anniversary, probably because I won't have the fodder from the comic to pull off something like this again.

Real fun fact: The actual ninth anniversary is the pottery anniversary. How practical!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ask Me Anything About My Mood Disorder

I just read a blog saying that my mental-illness hero Stephen Fry (a British actor) attempted suicide last year. He has bipolar disorder. I thought I had bipolar disorder for a long time, but people who know more than I do think that what I thought were manic episodes were really just elation about not being depressed. So I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder.

Here's the blog that inspired this blog: Stephen Fry, suicide, and the cycle

I know this blog has an itsy-bitsy readership, yet I know some things I've said have had an impact on the gentle reader. So here you go: Anyone, ask me questions about my mental illness. On any subject. Go. Here's some ideas to get you thinking:

I have a recently-discovered thyroid problem, and taking nascent iodine has caused my depression and anxiety to plummet. I'm sure this contributed to my terrible summer. I frequently have what I call "suicide summers" where I have a very difficult time for months. Here's hoping I'm spared this summer.  
Chris and I talk about having a kid, but remembering the cyclical nature of mood disorders makes me wary. It can be incapacitating, and I don't want to neglect a child because of it. I don't want to risk post-partum depression. I don't want to risk passing a mental illness on to a child. 

Have a field day--ask me anything. I'm not afraid.