Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 Garden

After a pathetic year of tomatoes and peppers, I swore I'd only grow greens and herbs this year. And it's actually working out swimmingly. I still have more seeds to sew (even though it's nearly June), but I need the proper potting soil. Ah, the joys of container gardening.

Meanwhile, I've been having a rawkin' time with Lightroom, playing with various filters. So here's pictures of my garden so far with an awesome cyanotype filter--cuz everything looks better in blue!

Baby figs! Hooray!

I'm the only person who doesn't grow purslane as a weed. Great for Omega-3's, great in smoothies cuz it chops up nicely. 

Very hard to see (sorry), but this is German thyme. 

Baby lemon balm. Can't wait to make tea out of this. 

Lamb's quarters. 

Don't tell Monsanto (although I don't think they deal in lamb's quarters), but my lamb's quarters re-seeded from last year and gave me a nice, new crop. 

No house that values both cats and gardening is complete with homegrown catnip. 
More pictures as things progress--hopefully in filters more exotic than cyanotype.

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