Saturday, April 27, 2013


I've been scouring the house and praying for St. Phanourios's mother (it's an Orthodox thing) to try and find a little Pentax point & shoot. It's purple, it's shock-proof, and it can go underwater. And it appears to have gone up in smoke. Thing is, until I find it, I can't get rid of my Nikon D90.

I took my D90 to San Antonio on my birthday trip with my mom (did I seriously not blog about turning 30?) and thought I took some pretty awesome pictures. The computer revealed otherwise. And I've had enough. I, who once went to art school to be a photographer (and subsequently dropped out), cannot stand the complicated nature of this beast.

I had a camera I once loved that got me interested in photography. Now my mom has it ... and loves it too. I miss that camera. When I was in Marfa, I used to go out every day and take pictures of the weird things I'd find in the yard, and I got some really good pictures out of that. Now I don't even like picking up my camera. I miss my point & shoot.

So here I am, up at 3AM, searching the house for a camera I got for hiking (and swimming), thinking I might just ought to switch entirely to film. No matter what, it's time to say goodbye to a camera that just doesn't agree with me. I may one day move back to a mirrorless system because there are certain features on the dSLR I like (I click button, it takes picture immediately--astounding!). Until I have the money though (bearing in mind that I once paid $600 for a lens for this thing--I can get a whole mirrorless system for less than that), I'll keep searching for my Pentax. And taking film pictures.

So, anyone want to buy a camera?

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LSB said...

We could probably arrange for you to have the Marfa camera back . . . I still have the one I was using when we made that trade and I could easily go back to it.