Thursday, March 7, 2013

Food Units

Wow, long time, no blab, huh?

Food is always a hot topic at the house, which is no surprise since I feel like crap most of the time. I'm up bright and early after a night-long battle with cheese (I lost), and once again I'm berating myself for just not getting that I can't eat dairy. I was all into real foods until I felt like they were pushing meat as being more healthful than vegetables (?!), and everyone likes to post dessert recipes more than savory recipes. Oh, that reminds me, I feel there's something that needs to be said:

Food bloggers, stop saying that if I eat a certain way that it'll cure my depression. That is insipid.

Even my gluten-freeness has fallen by the wayside. It's a terrible thing and probably the reason I'm more depressed than usual and not sleeping. But I've got a system now that keeps the number of flours going rancid in my pantry/fridge down to a minimum. I've learned being gluten-free that if you're not careful you can have thousands of different flours in your house. So I go grain-free with coconut and almond flour, plus chickpea flour (sprouted, of course) for soccas (what? You've never had a socca? Look at this beauty!), and maybe cornmeal because I live in the South and must needs have cornbread, right? Now think how well this system would work if I actually cooked!

Oo, now I'm thinking pickled carrots, pickled beets, sauerkraut, and pumpkin socca for dinner.

I have three cookbooks on my shelf now: Mastering the Art of French Cooking, The More With Less Cookbook, and Cooking with Coconut Flour. What more does one need?

Simplify, simplify. Eat more veggies than anything else. Stop pretending that eating more salmon and flaxseed can cure major depressive disorder. Stop making gluten-free eating synonymous with weight loss and thereby eating disorders. And eat a socca. It's that simple.

So why can't I do it then?


Mindy said...

I'm there with you on being tired of reading the many dietary rules out there that claim they will cure all that ails me and miraculously allow me to eat gluten and dairy again. Last week I received a well meaning email with links to yet another theory that exercise and another new diet will make it possible for me to eat boiled wheat products, porridge and pasta, but likely not baked wheat. Needless to say it took several days for me to get out of that depressed funk. Many hours of berating myself for being skeptical, denying my ability to even consider cooking according to those rules, being hopeful that if I could follow all of those meticulous rules somehow that could broaden our dietary allowances, stressing out about considering changing what works right now... Even after eleven years of eating a restricted diet, I still hope for a magical cure. I feel your pain. Eat what makes you truly feel good, and don't worry too much about the dietary theorists. Ps... I love socca, too. Please bring some soon. I don' t make it often enough.

LSB said...

Mindy's comment is much more thorough than mine and I agree with her.
Mine is simply, "Because it's hard . . ."