Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So I'm Depressed

I'm in my ancestral homeland of Missouri after a suicidal scare. It's here that I am attempting to recuperate. I return to Texas and to normal life on Tuesday. Fortunately, I saw my psychiatrist just before I left and my meds have been adjusted accordingly. The only problem with that is that now I'm shaking like a leaf. But my mind is improving, so I'll just have to deal with spilling my drink occasionally.

I eat so much sugar when I'm at home. You should see me knock back the Dr Peppers! Teatime is the only thing that makes me feel remotely sane food-wise. And that still involves a big glob of honey. Mom and I roasted a chicken (it was my maiden voyage as a chicken roaster) for Chris, and that was the last time I cooked anything. And cooking is therapeutic for me. Woe is me. Mom wants to make biccies though, so we'll see if that goes down.

So I recover. I have a clean and blessed home to return to when I'm better. And we can always hope these meds work.

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