Saturday, February 2, 2013

On My Depressing New Habit

If you can call it a habit.

I worry that I'm depressing all my friends on Facebook by posting missing people from Seeking TheLost. I've probably been blocked now by just about everyone. Staring such sadness in the face may be too much for many a sensitive soul to bear. I try not to worry because I'm the most sensitive soul in the world, and if I can face that down then surely other people can. I worried that some might think it was annoying, but someone responded to that comment on Facebook with, "Yeah, it's so annoying when you try to help people." Good point.

I try to post just Texas cases since I have friends mostly from Texas. Occasionally I'll post one from Missouri since I still know people there. I have posted one international one. I try to stick to the rules that the people I post it to should have at least the scant possibility of finding them, but I find it very hard not to post missing suicidal and mentally ill folk from all over the US. This may be TMI, but there were many times before I was being treated that I just wanted to walk out the front door and disappear, so even if I don't post one of those people they're always near to my heart.

I was reading an article (that I didn't like, by the way) that mentioned that people who say they'll pray for you and never do anything else are lazy. I disagree--sometimes prayer is all people have to give, and who better to turn to in a crisis than God? That said ...
“God provides the wind, Man must raise the sail.” - St. Augustine of Hippo
But I'm incapable of doing anything tangible for the suicidal woman who's disappeared in South Texas. Prayer's all I have to offer--that and sharing the information. That's all I can say to defend what I'm doing. I hope I'm not depressing you and that you're praying or keeping good thoughts or, if you're in range, keeping your eyes peeled.

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