Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Home Again

It's 1:15 in the morning. I don't remember being asleep before that, but I must have been because I know I wasn't lying there awake from 9:30 to 1:00. Regardless, I arrived back in Texas last night, and only once did I text Chris asking if it was okay to murder my fellow passengers in cold blood (I try not to be easily annoyed, but there's only so much talk I can stand about how your life in finance really prepared you for law school). Now I'm back home with Chris and the menagerie and a record of swearing that means I'll just put $20 in the alms box and call it even. Must ... kill ... potty mouth ...

Life is good. Time has gotten the higher dosage of meds to work, and rest has done a good job of killing most of the depression. I fully expect to be depressed again in due time but hopefully not suicidal. Anyway, here I am, another early morning blogging session. That's okay. Sleep is not my strong suit, and it feels good just to be happy.

I escaped Missouri just before a winter storm watch. My parents are expecting to be snowed/iced in for a few days. In younger days, I'd stomp through the snow to the back fence that overlooked a major street just to watch the cars slide around on the ice. Instead, I'm back in Texas where it's raining and where it'll be 44 tomorrow. Brrr.

My dog still squeals when he sees me. He just about lost it when I came through the front door. That's a good pet if I've ever heard of one.

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LSB said...

We're missing you . . . Weather forecast still the same. :(
Sure hope we can get Mel on Friday morning. The nest here is pretty empty.