Friday, January 4, 2013


Remember how I said that vegetarian Indian food was the world's most perfect food? Even better than British food? (Many of you are staring at your computer screen, utterly bewildered by what I've just said.) Well, I've made a Pinterest board of Indian food. Some of these are serious business--this is real Indian cuisine, not adaptations for Western kitchens! Enjoy.

Chris and I are talking ... once we have money again ... of going to Chennai in India to see, among other things, the tomb of St. Thomas. It's in south India, in Tamilnadu. According to what we're reading, Tamils speak (shock horror) Tamil, but they're highly likely to speak English. And there's a good chance that if you try to speak Hindi to them that they'll be offended. All the websites I've looked at from Chennai are in English. We should get along okay. I've got a Chennai board too--be amazed at all that I've amassed.

I found a website that insisted that mustard oil is necessary for Indian cookery, but all the stuff I can find says, "For External Use Only." I don't think I'll take my chances. I've got coconut oil that'll fill in just fine.

Here are some favorites:
I love how important vegetarian food is to India. Only problem is that I'm ovo-vegetarian (or at least aspire to be--baby steps) and Indian food tends to be lacto-vegetarian ... and dairy makes me sick. But now I'm just babbling because I've been up since 3 AM. 

Love you, gentle readers. 

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LSB said...

And we love you too!
I'll take a look at the boards later in the day. Sounds, as you say, "Yum".