Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Husband Turned 30 and I Didn't Take Any Pictures of the Food I Made

Yes, Thursday was Chris's 30th birthday, which we celebrated in style with Darjeeling, fried chicken, and mashed potatoes. It was glorious.

I also made red velvet cupcakes, except we couldn't find natural red food dye. So they were just velvet cupcakes. Oh, and they weren't cooled before Chris got home, so they weren't frosted either. Chris like 'em just fine anyway, especially after discovering that they were superb dipped in the Darjeeling. Nom. Anyway, I've now pinned a grain-free red velvet cake recipe that uses pureed beets, so we'll be good to go for 31.

I was more freaked out about 30 than he was, but I've calmed down considerably. That's a good thing, because in April it'll be my turn to turn 30. Oh well. I just gain more respectability, right? Or does that never come? We'll see.

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