Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

What a whirlwind, huh? Chris and I just got back from the Texas coast where we celebrated Christmas with his family. The day before festivities, we took our nieces to Moody Gardens to the rainforest pyramid--which is AWESOME now! And as much as I enjoyed sharing Thanksgiving with just Chris, it was nice to have a real family Christmas. I also got some serious writing done on the novel. We should visit the in-laws more often!

My one New Years resolution is to stop swearing. I keep being told that it's unbecoming of a Christian, but salty words continue to flow from me. So I'll take the year and concentrate on that. Screw ups will result in $1 being donated to the St. Maximus alms box. I anticipate giving away an embarrassing amount of money.

I am soooo caffeinated that I may write another post or two today, but I wanted to say happy New Year and happy St. Basil's Day to everyone!

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