Sunday, January 27, 2013

Death to Sugar

I spent good money on an ebook about PCOS, which means I've got fertility on the brain again. PCOS has been of little consequence to me for years, but my biological clock is ticking loudly and telling me I'd gladly trade in the life of leisure I'd set aside for myself in exchange for a small human. Whatevs. This post is about sugar.

I came into the book knowing it was paleo in nature--no skin off my nose. I don't mind paleo, but there are things about it I don't like. After tossing the specific carbohydrate diet aside (which I don't think I ever mentioned on the Loquat), I got into the "real foods" movement, and lo and behold I feel much better. And unlike paleo, real foods says I can have beans (provided they're properly prepared). And if you think I'm going through 40 days of Lent eating nothing but shrimp, you're sorely mistaken. I will go mad. I'll gladly go through the trouble of sprouting lentils for several days if that's what makes them easier to digest. Fine. But I won't go without them. (Plus, I already have a good supply of beans-pre-sprouted-for-my-convenience from this store--socca, anyone?)

That said, this ebook is impressing something upon me that I've heard several times before now, which is telling me that there's sound science behind it. The message is simple:


Why? I don't feel like telling you. Read this article instead. (And if that doesn't depress you enough, read this.) But after all this reading, I decided that if there's one important thing I can do for myself, it'll be to cut back on sugar tremendously. When sleep was not forthcoming last night, I sat there in the dark, illuminated by the glow of my laptop, and massively tweaked my Pinterest board Sweet Meats. Now all that's left are smoothie recipes I can use in the popsicle maker, desserts sweetened only with fruit (bananas, applesauce, dates), or things I think I can prepare subbing date paste for honey. Meanwhile, the sugar with daily teatime has been replaced with raw honey ... which backfired terribly today, as Chris found it more delicious and used more. Silly goose. 

Here's hoping we reap benefits from this. 

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LSB said...

Sounds reasonable. Especially given the family history with sugar . . . Much love, Mums