Thursday, January 17, 2013

Correct Me if I'm Wrong ...

You all know I'm not a mom--especially not a mom of girls. But I am an aunt of nieces, so I do have my opinions. I follow a sort of "girl power" website on Facebook for the book recommendations (which are wonderful--either I need to do some picking already or the nieces are going to get $200 in books each this Christmas). Occasionally, though, they rub me the wrong way. Allow me to enumerate the reasons.

Their latest kick is not complimenting girls for their looks but rather for their smarts. Makes sense, but I value modesty. Isn't modesty evidence of smarts? Shouldn't we value the looks of girls who know how to dress demurely? The clothes that are being churned out for girls nowadays can be nothing short of terrifying. I know looks shouldn't be the only thing that matters, especially for girls, but the sad truth is that looks do matter for everyone--I don't venture out of the house in my PJs (this isn't college anymore, anyway). Is it really so awful to compliment a girl for dressing in a way that respects her body?

Also, is it really girl power if you're offering shirts for sale that are only available in sizes 3-5? Don't compliment a girl's looks, but do reinforce the need to have a certain body type. Makes perfect sense.

My gripe is over. Time for your input.

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LSB said...

Well, you already know I agree!