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The Continuation of a Long Term Bit: It's a Two-fer! (Kansas and Oklahoma)

The continuing adventures of two loquats trying to see something interesting in every state.

It's nursing school spring break! Let's go to Kansas and Oklahoma!   What?   Strange choice, I know.

We had originally intended to spend the week relaxing at Chandler's family's ranch.   Then her parent's really old cat (she's 20) got pretty sick.  When she dies we're going to be giving one of ours to them and assuming that she wasn't going to make it we decided we were going to go up to Missouri and deliver Miss Lemon to her new home.  She got better, but we decided to go ahead and go up there for a day or two and knock out the two states that are in between.  The plan was to stop in Oklahoma City and see the OKC National Memorial and then spend the night in Wichita, KS, but we got away too late and decided to leave OKC for the trip home.

Wichita was chosen for one reason and one reason only:
 That is the greatness of Eighth Day Books. Chandler called going…