Thursday, December 13, 2012

Media Fast

I wish I could say that taking a day off from the world (essentially) was my idea, but alas it comes from here: Media Free One Day a Week Challenge! Or should I say that it was the catalyst? This was percolating in my brain for some time, but sometimes seeing someone else write about it is good motivation.

Consider yourself warned: We will be out of pocket from Saturday at 5:00 PM until 11:59 PM Sunday. Chris's phone will be on and plugged in (and sort of out of sight), but my phone will be completely off. There will be no texting, no smart-phoning (I made a verb!), no TV (which is okay since we're boycotting the NFL--this has been the best year ever, by the way), no Wii, no Netflix, no internet, no computer, no Kindle, no nothin'. What will we do instead? I have no clue yet. Shooting a roll of film and walking dogs has been suggested so far. Listening to Orthodox CDs is a must and may be the only thing to keep us from going mad. And yes, various and sundry family, we are aware that you call us to talk on Sundays. That's why Chris's phone will be on.

So ... why? Family time! And taking a break on the Lord's Day. I've gotten back to writing lately, but I've always had a bargain with myself to take Sundays off. No matter how bad I want to get something down, it has to wait. Ideally, church attendance would accompany that, so I have to get my illness and, well, laziness out of the way.

That's what's up at our house. Maybe you'll consider the media fast as well!

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