Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Wishlist

My mom discovered a problem with my original post on what I want for Christmas. The website for the shelter has changed (I doubt their website is their highest priority anyway). It's now here, but there's another problem: The Paypal link doesn't work properly. So you have some options: 1) you can send money this way:
Or send a check / money order to:St. John Foundation For The HomelessPO Box 290-423,Brooklyn, NY 11229, USATel.
2) or, you can give money to another organization: Fund for Assistance to the ROCOR.

I'm OCA, not ROCOR, but Chris's godfather is a ROCOR priest. Also, while we're fortunate to be able to support our priest at St. Maximus, most ROCOR priests (Chris's godfather included) have to have civilian jobs. That's why my little heart broke when I read this:
When hurricane Sandy spared his home in NJ with little damage, Fr. Timothy thought that, compared to most people, the situation of his young family of 4 was enviable.  What are a few days without power when you still have each other and all your earthly possessions, minus the perishable food that had to be thrown out?His happiness turned to anguish when he found out that both he and his matushka’s income was cut off indefinitely, because their employers suffered from Sandy. Like most ROCOR clergy, Fr Timothy’s parish does not provide him with a salary or health insurance. FEMA denied his claim. The family has no place left to turn to.   
So, if it's what you prefer, click on the link for the Fund for Assistance, turn your head to the right of your screen, select "Hurricane Sandy Victims" on the drop-down menu, and hit donate. Then, ideally, you'll donate money for my Christmas present. :)

I hate asking for presents. :(

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