Friday, October 19, 2012

The Bigger the Kitchen ...

... the less cooking going on in there. (Or if you're me, the more it is a kitchen, the less cooking going on in there.) I say that because I saw this picture from Wabi Sabi on Pinterest:

... and I thought, "Oh, what a lovely kitchen!" Perfect for two people. Frankly, it's an all-around lovely studio flat, and I wish I had it. Don't get me wrong--I love my house. When you get down to it, it's just the right size for two people, four cats, two dogs, and an amazing amount of furniture. But secretly I long for a place like our tiny apartment in Marfa (minus, of course, the terrifying electrical problems). When it was clean (ie, rarely), it was absolute perfection, and its kitchen was just right.

I have a modest kitchen now. It's a galley kitchen with the world's greatest invention: a gas stove. (You should see me curse at the burners when I have to use an electric stove now. Sorry, Mom, but I now loathe cooking at the ancestral homestead.) But I look at this picture and envy the tiny stove and the tiny oven. When am I ever going to roast a giant bird? When will I need all four burners at once? Heck, one of my burners has a cast iron skillet full of stuff sitting on it--that's how useful it is! I consider using two burners to be a hectic dinner preparation. Two burners plus the oven? Must be Thanksgiving at my house!

How I wish for that tiny little kitchen! Oh, to do away with the bulky appliances (especially that monster microwave) and have space to prep! To have an organized pantry! For space for my bulk items (you should see me go through canned tomatoes)! AAAH!! Why is life never ideal?!

Realistically, my kitchen is the norm. To get a kitchen like the one above, you have to pay out the nose (that's a phrase, right?) for an all-around "pretty" apartment. I've got a nice bedroom, a messy office, a disastrous guest room (no one visit for a while, okay?), an almost perfect living/dining room, and a lovely galley kitchen. I need more shelving, and some rooms are in need of serious painting, but it's a lovely house. It's modest--it's not a (warning: oxymoron ahead) ostentatiously rustic flat. And I do cook in the kitchen occasionally.

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