Saturday, October 20, 2012

All I Want for Christmas

I hate writing this particular post. Frankly, I'm still not over my wedding, where alerting people where your registry was was bad form. So I feel some reluctance to put my "Christmas wish list" on the internet, but it seems to me to be the best way to get things done.

I live in a house full of junk. I have hundreds of books that will never be read. I recently did a massive purging of cookbooks down to a select few that I actually use. I'm swimming in art and doo-dads. There is no physical item I want for Christmas.

But you know that the homeless are near and dear to my heart. I've discovered a very small, Orthodox homeless shelter in New York City that caters to immigrants from the ex-USSR who live with significant addiction problems, usually under the pier at Brighton Beach. They have only five beds but can sleep about 14. They need $200,000 for a downpayment on a larger facility (man, New York is crazy-expensive). So in lieu of presents, I'd really love it if you donated some money to this shelter. You don't even have to do it in my honor. They pray for everyone who donates, which I think is wonderful. If I ever get to NYC, I'd love to see this place in action.

If you do decide to donate in my name, just a word to the wise: In church I'm not Chandler--I'm Elizabeth. In Orthodoxy, you take the name of your patron saint--mine is Righteous Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist (Elizabeth also happens, conveniently, to be my middle name). Since this is an Orthodox organization, I'd prefer to do things properly. :) In fact, if you're really awesome, if you donate you could write down some variation of this:

Please pray for Elizabeth, who desires the restoration of her health.

(Yeah, mental illness and food allergies causing fatigue and brain fog are getting me down.)

I don't mean to sound sterile and forceful--it's 4:30 AM and I'm tired--I just want to put out there in love that I want something unorthodox (HA!) for Christmas.

Thanks for reading. I always appreciate and love my loquacious readership. :)

St. John of Kronstadt House for the Homeless

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Texas Seraphim said...

I love this post. I will pass this link onto our Christmas options list for the kiddos. We've always been a one gift and stockings kind of people at Christmas. For us It never has seemed quite right to spend tons of money on each child at Christmas. Even the one thing you can read, one thing you can wear, one thing you can play with rule has always rubbed me the wrong way. What child really needs all that much new stuff all at once? I have trouble coming up with a list for myself, too. Drives my MIL crazy. Yes, I really do want new bamboo cooking spoons every other year. I cook so often that mine wear out really fast. Anyway long rant short, Last year we decided that we would make all our extended family gifts. Try to use up some of the Christmas fabric I inherited from my grandma. Plus the kids only get stockings this year. That way we can use our meager budget to teach something quite important to our munchkins. That Christmas really is about Christ. And we should give in ways He would approve of. So we are dividing the rest of our budget between the children for them to choose a worthwhile use of the money for somebody in need. Last year we went to the grocery store and split up so the kiddos could each pick out food for the food pantry. This was quite an exciting endeavor for munchkins with food allergies. Getting to pick anything they wanted from the food isles. Very entertaining; seeing their little personalities come out in shopping styles. This year Daniel is already collecting brochures for ideas on where he can donate.

Oh, and no it's not too early to think about Christmas. Last week we made piles and piles of salt dough ornaments for the kids to give to friends and family of their choosing. I am sitting here working oragami magic with squares of fabric for other gifts. Christmas starts in July around here so I have time to make stuff.

Links other Orthodox charities you know of are very welcome. Have a great day. Make it to church tomorrow, and I may just be able to sneak a carrot cupcake past the kids for you. :)