Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Let the Training Begin!

First off, let's start with a picture of me:

That brown goat was eating my cardigan
I believe in Health at Every Size, but I'm still not exactly the picture of athleticism here. Far from it. But I just couldn't get motivated to do things besides sit on the couch and watch my husband play video games (and honestly, he couldn't get motivated to do things besides sit on the couch and play video games). Fortunately, I finally have some motivation ...


NAMI is the National Alliance on Mental Illness, and twice yearly they have 5K walks to raise money and awareness. Since my life has been turned around by the treatment of my major depressive disorder, I'm very cool with raising cash for a mental health organization. Chris and my new-lease-on-life mom have agreed to join me--all the more motivation--so I took my first tiny walk this morning. 

The walk was not without challenges: I was extremely anxious, a problem that will easily be solved with time and aided by taking my Klonopin in the morning--and anyway it seems appropriate to manifest my mental illness while training for a mental illness walk. I also didn't bring any water, which is a bad idea in summer in Texas--lesson learned. Provided it's not raining as horribly tomorrow morning as it is right now, I think tomorrow will go much better. Otherwise it'll be half an hour on the excerbikel. 

It's probably tempting to make fun of me for actually training for a 5K walk when most people I know are training to run marathons, but hey, I'm doing something. The fat acceptance books I read tell me to do things now instead of waiting till I'm skinny to do it (unlikely anyway), so here I am, undertaking a tiny walk for mental health while I'm a hearty size 22. And I'll probably come in dead last, but that's fine by me. It's like when Chris and I climbed Enchanted Rock (a giant mound of granite in central Texas): We did it--nyah.

I still have to decide if we're doing the walk in October in Fort Worth or waiting until the one in Dallas in spring. I feel good enough right now to do October. Time will tell. 

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LSB said...

Yikes! You're already ahead of me. Gotta get with it.