Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My New "Job"

The word "job" implies I'm getting paid, but it's more succinct than "My new thing I'm doing right now to ward off a life of incredible laziness."

To the left is St. Ia, who, if you can't read for yourself on the icon, is a martyr of the Boxer Rebellion in China. She has a rather distinct designation: She was twice-martyred. If that sounds weird, it's because it is. The Boxers buried her alive, but she was dug up by a sympathetic non-believer. When the Boxers found her again, they beat her to death.

St. Ia has been special to us for some time. When Chris was a teacher, she was sort of his extra patron saint because she was a teacher herself. Her intercessions helped him find his first job in Dallas. But Chris is, to put it weirdly, vehemently not a teacher anymore. Still, we keep her icon in our icon corner and think fondly of her for all her prayers have done for us.

It seems that the time has come for St. Ia to be my extra patron saint: My new "job" is assisting homeschooling families from church. I'm not quite sure how the desire to help started, but when thinking about having children I seemed to be getting the response of, "I have something different in mind for you for now." (Goodness knows what the future holds--the present is good enough to spend my time on.) Anyway, my personal affection for homeschooling was overwhelming, and seeing myself with a dearth of children to homeschool myself, I asked Chris to send out a message on the church's email list to offer my volunteer services. Now I'm helping two families as well as being the helper (and all that that implies) for preschool Sunday school.

One family is on spring break, so I won't see them until next week. Meanwhile, I met with the first family today! I think it was an all-around success, although I was so bushed when I got home that I napped for about four hours. (That's okay--the family in question takes the afternoons off too.) I'm not too surprised that it was a bit hard on me considering I've spent my life since college as a lazy housewife (not that all housewives are lazy--just that I am). Perhaps with the prayers of St. Ia I will not only be an effective tutor but also not completely wiped out by lunchtime. :)

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