Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More Homeschooling Shenanigans

I met with my other family this morning, and it was not shockingly quite different from my first family. Consider this: Both families have four children, but my first family's youngest is 5 and learning phonics ... my second family's youngest is 9 months and learning how to drive her mother bonkers. So I did a lesson with the oldest (6) while Mom worked on lunch, the middle two showed off how well they could make loud noises, and baby (somehow) slept.

I admit that I'm pretty indulgent with the children. If they want to go off on a tangent and ask me things like which Hot Wheels I think is the fastest, I know I certainly don't mind. Just as long as they get the lesson done eventually I'm okay. Sometimes they need a tiny mental break anyway, just like any person. The mother talked to me after lessons about how she knows people who are putting children as young as 18 months in school, so I'd like to think she agrees with me on letting the child set the pace in learning.

I gotta tell ya, I love this! I wish I could do it every morning of the week instead of just Monday and Tuesday. That said, I think my husband likes my short schedule because he wants me to able to take care of the house and take photos and knit and garden--things he considers necessary to the household economy. It feels weird coming from me (who used to be an ultra-feminist), but I enjoy being a housewife. I guess anyone really can change. Anyway, I'll need to be super-duper moral support for Chris while he's in nursing school, so I might as well be content with my life!

I need to go thank St. Ia for a successful day. What a wonderful saint!

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