Friday, February 17, 2012

Two Days of the Gluten

Woe is me. I'm just now getting over my glutening! Maybe next time Chris makes biscuits I'll remember my two days of complete "ugh."

Chris was kind enough to get me a soy latte this morning and make gluten-free pasta and vegan caesar salad for lunch. Then he set out to do laundry. I'm still recuperating, but believe me when I say that I'm doing much better.

How did I go all these years eating gluten?! 28 years of wheat, and now a biscuit from a tube knocks me flat for days. I had so much trouble after my psychiatrist put me on Trilafon, but there's a long history of insomnia and oversleeping in my past. Yeah, that's a symptom of gluten problems--sleep troubles. But I know I'll be back on the exercise bike soon, gearing up for a little mountain hiking in Arkansas.

I think I sometimes believe that I don't really have a problem with gluten. I guess when you go so long without it, feeling fine, you begin to doubt anything was wrong. Or perhaps that just a little won't hurt. What can one biscuit do? A lot, apparently.

Here's the Mexican Coke I'm enjoying right now. Happy gluten to all.

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