Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Got Glutened

Chris made biscuits yesterday, and I couldn't resist.

"I'm eating a biscuit," I told him.
"Are you prepared for the fallout from that?" he asked.
"Nope," I replied.

Nope. Sure wasn't prepared for the fallout. Lethargy took over, and I spent most of today asleep. Had to reschedule my psychiatrist appointment.

"Any irony about being too sick to go to the doctor?" Chris asked.
"It's just the psychiatrist!" was my reply.

Anyway, Chris was kind enough to make me some Hoppin' John from a box (thank you, Zatarains--yes, it's vegan), and now I'm curled up with a Mystic Mango kombucha. I think after I'm done at the computer, I'll crawl in bed with a book or two and call it an early night.

So remember, gentle readers, when you're tempted by a food you're allergic to, don't give in!

1 comment:

LSB said...

Bad gluten! No biscuits for you today . . .