Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dearest Gentle Readers

I'm missing Forgiveness Sunday Vespers for the second year in a row. I forget why I missed it last year, but this year I appear to have eaten something that disagrees wholeheartedly with me and I'm stuck in bed. Chris has promised to return with two scoops of Frenchy's Orange Sherbet from Beth Marie's Ice Cream Parlor, which has become a popular place for the church to go after the service to get that last bit of deliciousness pre-fast. But I'm sick and stuck at home anyway.

In the tradition of Forgiveness Sunday, I ask your forgiveness for all the things I've done or haven't done to you. Whether I didn't talk to you for a long time when you needed help, or if I  hurt you with my passive-aggressiveness and anger (see my last post), or if I insulted you, or if I was just my usual cruel self to you, please forgive me and give me another chance to be a child of God.

Tomorrow the Lenten Fast begins for Orthodox Christians. From Monday to Friday is what's called "Clean Week," where we take extra steps at being observant--sort of getting us in the mood of the fast. Our priest always advises us to cultivate silence and attend church as much as possible (there will be an abundance of services), so in addition to putting up the Wii (which will be in the closet until Pascha), we'll spend the week with the radio off and the computers off. So I'll return to my usual navel-gazing blogging Saturday.

Until then, farewell, dearest gentle readers! Please forgive me!

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LSB said...

In your tradition of forgiveness Sunday, I hope you'll forgive me for all the things I did or didn't do . . . I love you. God loves you. Mums