Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Day of Art School

"Oh, how awful. Someone's phone is going off in class. ... Oh crap, it's mine."

I think we can safely call that an inauspicious start to art school.

The desks are crazy. I need to go in early to my design class with my macro lens and have a field day.

This is the view inside my entirely-too-heavy bag. The adorable puppy pencil case has to be updated to a large tackle box filled with art crap, but I can still keep my note-taking pens  in there.

Here's my workstation from the bowels of the library. After an 8:00 AM class, I'm embarrassed to say that over the course of two hours there I read five pages of my design textbook ... and spent the rest of the time asleep. So much for getting some good studying done in between my classes.

Playing with a large aperture out in the sunshine. Note the blurry people resulting from the slow shutter speed.

It's so weird being back on campus. In many ways, this is the same university I went to 10 years ago, but being 10 years older makes it quite a bit different too. Ah well. Drawing studio and Design lecture tomorrow!