Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm Over Christmas

I'm over Santa Claus.

I'm over movies that talk about the "Christmas spirit" while ignoring that it's a religious holiday.

I'm over people who spend $4000 (on average) shopping for presents.

I'm over Black Friday shootings, pepper-sprayings, and other assorted violence.

I'm over last-minute shoppers making it next-to-impossible to buy two frickin' picture frames (okay, so maybe this whole blog post is personal).

I'm over fighting through impenetrable traffic just to get to Walgreens.

I'm over commercials questioning the masculinity of any man who would dare ask for Christmas presents. (I'm truthfully over questioning masculinity in general.)

I'm over militant "Merry Christmas" people. It's just more Christian to take whatever's said to you without grumbling than to act like a dick because someone said, "Season's greetings."

I'm over people who think I'm not Christian because I said "dick."

On the other end of the spectrum, I'm over so-called "edgy," "in-your-face" people who throw up crap like this:

I'm over the classy folks three blocks away who put up a pentagram in lights on their house. Good use of electricity, kids. You really got God's goat there.

I'm over people thinking I'm not in the right mood because we still haven't put up our Christmas tree.

I'm over people being hungry and homeless on Christmas.

I'm over Christmas being celebrated as a non-Christian holiday.

What I'm not over is the thought in my mind that Christmas: The Secular Holiday and Christmas: The Nativity of Christ are two separate things. I know it's not good (read: not Orthodox) to feel this way, but I can't turn it off that easily. My thinking is as flawed as I am.

Still, I'm over Christmas. Bring on the Feast of the Nativity of Christ.